Batman - Arkham Knight #1-29 (2015)
Batman - Arkham Knight #1-29 (2015)
English | CBR | 37 Issues | Ongoing

The Joker is dead. Arkham City is closed. As a new day begins, Bruce Wayne finds himself in devastating pain, recovering from his injuries and questioning whether his role as Batman is still necessary to the city's survival. But as the sun rises in Gotham City, dangerous new threats emerge from the shadows...and the Arkham Knight is just beginning. Don't miss this in-continuity prequel comic set prior to the events of the brand-new video game Batman: Arkham Knight!

Marvel Comics - Week 146 (September 2, 2015)
Marvel Comics - Week 146 (September 2, 2015)
English | CBR | 18 Issues | 751.08 MB

Age Of Apocalypse #3
Age Of Ultron Vs Marvel Zombies #4
Daredevil #18
Dark Tower The Drawing Of The Three Lady Of Shadows #1 (of 5)
Deadpool Vs Thanos #1 (of 4)
Figment 2 #1 (of 5)
Future Imperfect #5
Groot #4
Hail Hydra #2
House Of M #2
Miracleman By Gaiman And Buckingham #1
Mockingbird S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary #1
Silk #7
Silver Surfer #14
Spider-Island #3 (of 5)
Squadron Sinister #3
Star-Lord And Kitty Pryde #3
Thors #3

DC Comics - Bombshells #1-6 (2015)
DC Comics - Bombshells #1-6 (2015)
English | CBR | 7 Issues | Ongoing

It's World War II and Batwoman's battling crime on the home front. But events in her life are about to quickly change, and she may be leaving Gotham behind for a bigger cause.

The Last Days of American Crime (2015)
The Last Days of American Crime (2015)
English | CBR | 184 pages | 531.10 MB

The critically acclaimed, smutty, sci-fi, and noir is finally back in print, remastered, and delivered in a glorious hardcover format. Collects LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME #1-3. Select praise for THE LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME: "Last Days hits reader with an unflinching dose of pulp noir seediness and doesn't let up." -USA Today "Writer Remender layers plenty of sex and violence on top of a zinger of a story. Tocchini's artwork is superb... Last Days is the perfect blend of art, dialogue and gritty feel." -WIRED "Although Remender has crafted a fine crime noir, it's the socio-political aspect that won me over." -IGN "If you enjoy Criminal and other crimes books, you'll probably get a kick out of this." -Comic Book Resources
Crossed - Badlands #1-84 + Annuals + Specials (2012-2015)
Crossed - Badlands #1-84 + Annuals + Specials (2012-2015)
English | CBR | 88 Issues | HD | Ongoing

The year of the Crossed begins this March 14th on "C-Day", the date the infection spreads and this new ongoing series launches! Since its inception, Garth Ennis' Crossed has captured the imagination of horror fans. The vicious and merciless world of the Crossed has pushed hardcore horror storytelling to the brink and now with the release of Crossed: Badlands, it goes beyond. Join us as the original Crossed creative team returns! Garth Ennis launches the all-new ongoing BI-WEEKLY series with the fellow horror luminary, artist Jacen Burrows. What is to follow is nothing short of ground breaking survival horror at its best and most frightening. Even better, a new issue will be coming out every 2 weeks! Picture the cruelest affronts to decency. Conjure your darkest nightmares... and then realize it could all be so much worse. When civilization crumbles in one terrifying moment; when people are gleefully breaking into unthinkable acts of violence all around you; when everyone you love has died screaming in agony: What do you do? There is no help. There is no hope. There is no escape. There is only the Crossed.

Injustice - Gods Among Us - Year Four #1-18 (2015)
Injustice - Gods Among Us - Year Four #1-18 (2015)
English | CBR | 18 Issues | Ongoing

Superman has battled against an army of Green Lanterns and the assembled forces of magic and remained standing. But how will he fare against the Gods themselves?

Mortal Kombat X #1-35 (2015)
Mortal Kombat X #1-35 (2015)
English | CBR | 44 Issues | Ongoing

Get over here...for an all-new digital-first series set before the events of 2015's highly anticipated game Mortal Kombat X! Prepare yourself for the brutal adventures of all your favorite Mortal Kombat characters, and witness the rise of the next generation of Kombatants!

DC Comics - Week 208 (August 26, 2015)
DC Comics - Week 208 (August 26, 2015)
English | CBR | 17 Issues | 605.28 MB

Aquaman #43
Batgirl #43
Batman Arkham Knight Genesis #1 (of 6)
Cyborg #2
Deathstroke #9
Flash #43
Gotham By Midnight #8
Grayson #11
Harley Quinn #19
He-Man The Eternity War #9
Justice League 3001 #3
Justice League Of America #3
Prez #3 (of 6)
Sinestro #14
Superman #43
Teen Titans #11
We Are Robin #3

FCBD 2015
FCBD 2015
English | CBR | 47 Issues | Ongoing

The Walking Dead #1-145 + Specials (2003-2015)The Walking Dead #1-145 + Specials (2003-2015)
The Walking Dead #1-145 + Specials (2003-2015)
English | CBR | 150 Issues | HD | Ongoing

An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe, causing the dead to rise and feed on the living.
In a matter of months, society has crumbled: There is no government, no grocery stores, no mail delivery, no cable TV. Rick Grimes finds himself one of the few survivors in this terrifying future. A couple months ago he was a small town cop who had never fired a shot and only ever saw one dead body. Separated from his family, he must now sort through all the death and confusion to try and find his wife and son. In a world ruled by the dead, we are forced to finally begin living.

Thorgal #1-16 (2007-2013)
Thorgal #1-16 (2007-2013)
English | CBR | 16 Issues | 742 MB

Thorgal is a critically acclaimed Belgian comic book series by the Belgian writer Jean Van Hamme and the Polish graphic artist Grzegorz Rosiński. It first appeared in serial form in the "Tintin" magazine in 1977, and has been published in hardcover volumes by Le Lombard from 1980 on. Translations exist in English, Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, Czech, Danish, Finnish (in the Finnish "The Phantom" comic), Swedish (in the Swedish "The Phantom" comic), Norwegian (in the Norwegian "The Phantom" comic), Turkish, Greek and other languages. In 2002, a new story was invented for a point-and-click adventure game, titled Thorgal: Curse of Atlantis, that was released for Windows by Cryo Interactive Entertainment.
The comic unites many themes and legends into one consistent world, ranging from Norse mythology and Atlantean fantasy to science fiction, and including such genres as dark drama, horror and adventure stories.
Thorgal is one of the most popular French language comics. In 2006, Album 29 was the fifth best selling new comic in French, with 280,000 copies published.
01- Child of the Stars,
In the wild and inhospitable European far north, in the land of Scandinavian myth and runic legend, Viking warriors discover a child in a space capsule. Leif Haraldson adopts him and gives him the names of his gods: Thorgal Aegirsson, son of Thor (god of lightning) and son of Aegir (master of the sea). Upon Leif’s death, the Viking chief Gandalf the Insane isolates Thorgal from others. Only the friendship of Aaricia, the daughter of Gandalf, brightens Thorgal’s solitary childhood. Their mutual affection quickly turns into true love.
This two-volume book includes “Aaricia”.
02- The Three Elders of Aran,
In these new adventures, Aaricia is crowned Queen, and Thorgal will have to face many difficult tests to track down his beauty. Then they spend some happy days together in the countryside... Their first child is announced. But, alas, everything is turned upside down into horror by the jealousy of Shaniah, a teenager turned away by Thorgal. Prisoner on board the Black Galley, Thorgal becomes a plaything in the hands of Veronar, a degenerate tyrant...
This two-volume book includes “The Black Galley”.
03 - Beyond the Shadows,
Taken aback by Aaricia’s disappearance, Thorgal is only a shadow of his former self. Eaten away by remorse, the young Shania accompanies him and protects him, begging his pardon… Approached by two strangers, Worgan and Galathorn, they discover that Aaricia is still alive but held captive in the court of Brek Zarith. Ready to do anything to keep himself in power, the illegitimate master of this kingdom, Sharder, uses and abuses his evil sorcerer powers. Despite all this, Thorgal will try, alone, to penetrate the impregnable fortress of Brek Zarith to save his wife and his son, Jolan.
This two-volume book includes “The Fall of Brek Zarith”.
04 - The Archers,
Jolan has become a robust kid who is interested in everything. The strange signs he draws without knowing their meaning thoroughly intrigue his parents. During one escapade, he makes friends with a boy his age. The child seems to be lost and is terrified of adults. Along with being deaf and mute, he cannot answer questions raised by his mysterious presence.
Surprised by a storm, Thorgal has been taken in by an old couple. Without boat or money, he can’t return to his village. Perhaps an archery competition will allow him to buy a new boat. Of all the competitors, the beautiful Kriss de Valnor is without any doubt the most formidable...
This two-volume book includes “Alinoe”.
05 - The Land of Qa,
The Land of Qa: Kriss de Valnor, the deadly warrior-woman and Thorgal’s arch enemy, has Thorgal’s and Aaricia’s son abducted. She demands that Thorgal and Aaricia go on a quest to find the magical mask if they want to save their son.
The Eyes of Tanatloc: Thorgal’s son Jolan, prisoner in the kingdom of Xinjin, meets the God Tanatloc. Tanatloc, at the end of his life, reacts strangely when Jolan speaks Thorgal’s name...
This two-volume book includes “The Eyes of Tanatloc”.
06 - City of the Lost God,
Thorgal, Aaricia and Kriss of Valnor are finally approaching Mavaxatl, the city of the lost god. When Thorgal understands the real goal of their mission and Kriss’s duplicity, he tries to escape. But Kriss is determined that he complete the mission...
This two-volume book includes “Between Earth and Sun."
07 - The Master of the Mountains,
Thorgal and his family are back in Europe, where a pregnant Aaricia insists on giving birth in Northland. Unable to find a ship to sail north in the middle of winter, Thorgal sets off by land to reach his old village and bring back a drakkar. His trip takes him through the land of Saxegaard, Master of the Mountains, a ruthless warlord who terrorizes the surrounding country. One night, in a burntout cottage, he meets Torric, an escaped slave, and finds a strange ring in the ashes. An extraordinary adventure begins…
08 - Wolf Cub,
Thorgal, Aaricia and Jolan sail north, and are almost home when they encounter the drakkar of Wor the Magnificent, the new king of the Northland Vikings. When Thorgal refuses to follow Wor on a raid, he and his family are left to finish the short trip on foot.
When Thorgal leaves a near-term Aaricia with Jolan and goes to find transportation, enemies appear and threaten them all. As they fight for their lives in the wild, it is from the wild that life will come…
09 - The Guardian of the Keys,
Thorgal is back in his old village with his family, but once again his destiny catches up with him when Volsung of Nichor, sent by the snake Nidhogg, steals the belt of the Guardian of the Keys, which grants invulnerability. Nidhogg wants to destroy the Guardian and spread chaos throughout the universe, while Volsung just wants to become king of the world–but they both want Thorgal dead. And Volsung has taken on Thorgal’s appearance…
10 - The Sun Sword,
A wandering Thorgal is captured and enslaved by Orgoff, a cruel man who appointed himself the local lord after defeating the old one. Orgoff wields the dreadful power of the Sun Sword, which the peasants say makes him invulnerable. Thorgal, of course, is not convinced. Escaping, he encounters the last of the rebels against the new order—and an old enemy. Together, they will have to defeat Orgoff and his allies and recover the Sun Sword.
Thorgal 12 - The Brand of the Exiles
Thorgal has been gone for three years. Now, the last raiding expedition organised by the men of his village is late in returning. When a single survivor stumbles in to announce that their drakkar was boarded by the dreaded Shaigan, he also reveals that Shaigan is actually... Thorgal! Outraged, the grieving, vengeful Viking women banish Aaricia and her children and brand her an exile. All that’s left for them is to try to find Thorgal again.
Thorgal 13 - Ogotai's Crown.cbr
Three years ago, Thorgal lost his memory. Kriss of Valnor convinced him that he was her husband Shaigan, a merciless pirate, and they have been terrorising everyone—even the Vikings—ever since. Aaricia and Wolf Cub, exiled when Thorgal was recognised by one of the men from the northern village, have been captured and brought to Shaigan’s lair. In the end, it’s up to young Jolan to rescue his family with the help of a very special traveller... from the future!

The Call of the Stryx #1-3 (2015)The Call of the Stryx #1-3 (2015)
The Call of the Stryx #1-3 (2015)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

Mysterious beings, called Stryx, have penetrated to the highest levels of government and the military. Kevin Nivek, an ex-head of the Secret Service, and Debrah, a mysterious young agent working for a secret organization, must find the answers to this sinister conspiracy.

One Piece (2003-2015)One Piece (2003-2015)
One Piece (2003-2015)
English | CBR | 52 Issues

A new shonen sensation in Japan, this series features Monkey D. Luffy, whose main ambition is to become a pirate. Eating the Gum-Gum Fruit gives him strange powers but also invokes the fruit's curse: anybody who consumes it can never learn to swim. Nevertheless, Monkey and his crewmate Roronoa Zoro, master of the three-sword fighting style, sail the Seven Seas of swashbuckling adventure in search of the elusive treasure "One Piece."

Hauteville House T01 - T06 (2007-2015)
Hauteville House T01 - T06 (2007-2015)
English | CBR | 9 Issues | 339 MB

The resistance against the French Emperor Napoleon III is led from Guernsey, by the famous writer Victor Hugo. His fellow fighters are infiltrated in the ranks of the Emperor and they have discovered that he wants to throw it on an agreement with the rebel Confederate States of America. They may use the terrible weapon that his men have surfaced at a Mayan Temple. Will Victor Hugo succeed to prevent the Emperor's plans? The parties are gearing up for the ultimate showdown between person.

Elves #1-3 (2013-2015)Elves #1-3 (2013-2015)
Elves #1-3 (2013-2015)
English | CBR | 6 Issues

Set against the backdrop of a shared world, five creative teams explore differing aspects of this Fantasy universe. Each pairing - writer and illustrator - bring their own vision of the world to life, while all five stories together paint a vivid image of this unique setting.

Drafted #1-6 (2007)Drafted #1-6 (2007)
Drafted #1-6 (2007)
English | CBR | 6 Issues | HD | (of 12)

It begins as a day like any other. However, in a heartbeat, everything changes... Today, we learn we aren't alone in the universe. Governments cease to exist. Borders disappear. Old hatreds are forgotten -- and the people of earth, finally united as one, are drawn into a conflict of unimaginable proportions... Today, WE HAVE BEEN DRAFTED!

Thor Epic Collection - The God Of Thunder (2013)
Thor Epic Collection - The God Of Thunder (2013)
English | CBR | 468 pages | 375.67 MB

Collects Journey Into Mystery (1952) 83-109.
The epic origin of Thor, God of Thunder! While vacationing in Norway, handicapped doctor Donald Blake discovers a gnarled cane. Upon touching this object Dr. Blake is transformed into Thor, son of Odin and prince of the Norse Gods! Cross the Rainbow Bridge into the eternal realm of Asgard, and meet Thor's royal family for the first time!

Regular Show #1-27 + Annual + Special (2013-2015)
Regular Show #1-27 + Annual + Special (2013-2015)
English | CBR | 29 Issues | 630.92 MB

REGULAR SHOW... IT'S ANYTHING BUT! Cartoon Network's powerhouse series now has its own comic book series! Hot on the heels of the smash hit adaptation, ADVENTURE TIME, KaBOOM! unveils the next all-ages comic phenomenon! Join Mordecai the Bluejay and Rigby the Raccoon, a couple of best bros in their twenties just tryin' to chill for a bit, man. But when you're livin' in as crazy a world as they are, no day can be called...regular!

Evil Dead 2 - Tales Of The Ex-Mortis 001 (2015)
Evil Dead 2 - Tales Of The Ex-Mortis 001 (2015)
English | CBR | 43 pages | 123.55 MB

Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead by Dawn #1 picks up right where Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell’s movie left off. “Dead” Annie Knowby gets plunged into Hell. Armed with the Kandarian Dagger and the Ex-Mortis, Annie fights off hordes of Deadites (and Ash’s severed hand!) in her quest to save her parents souls! But will the book and the dagger be enough?

When the River Rises (2015)
When the River Rises (2015)
English | CBR | 173 pages | 161.62 MB

Inspired By True Events. For the first time in 15 years, inmate Russell Gates is glad to be behind bars. Despite the daily dangers at Orleans Parish Prison, the walls offer protection from Hurricane Katrina churning up the coast. Across town, his estranged son Sydquan is being herded aboard a bus with thirty other juvenile be stashed at the OPP for safety's sake. A violent struggle to survive ensues after the prison floods and the prisoners escape from their cells, leading to a thrilling chase from the depths of the prison to the heart of the Lower Ninth Ward.


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