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Namor Visionaries - John Byrne v02 (2012)
English | CBR | 231 pages | 431.01 MB
Collects Namor: The Sub-Mariner (1990-1995) #10-18.
Continue the saga of the Sub-Mariner with this second volume chronicling the adventures of Atlantis' Avenging Son, as presented by superstar writer/artist John Byrne! Marvel as Namor reforges alliances with his fellow Invaders, battles long-forgotten foes from World War II, and begins to unravel the mystery of Immortal Iron Fist and current Defender Danny Rand! All while dealing with the most insidious force of all: corporate scheming and subterfuge! Guest starring Captain America, Spitfire, Union Jack, the original Human Torch and more!

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Namor Visionaries - John Byrne v01 (2011) Namor Visionaries - John Byrne v01 (2011)
Namor Visionaries - John Byrne v01 (2011)
English | CBR | 210 pages | 396.70 MB
Collects Namor: The Sub-Mariner (1990-1995) #1-9.
Namor, the Sub-Mariner! The world's first mutant! King of Atlantis! See one of Marvel's most iconic characters written and penciled by the talented John Byrne! As Namor finally learns the truth about his nasty temper, he faces the corporate threat of the diabolical Marrs' twins, tames the deadly Griffin, is sued for his attacks on New York and gets beheaded! It's Namor like you've never seen him before! Guest-starring Namorita, Iron Man and the Fantastic Four!

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Batman-Superman-Wonder Woman - Trinity - The Deluxe Edition (2015) Batman-Superman-Wonder Woman - Trinity - The Deluxe Edition (2015)
Batman-Superman-Wonder Woman - Trinity - The Deluxe Edition (2015)
English | CBR | 199 pages | 212.23 MB
Eisner Award-winning storyteller Matt Wagner's spin on the first team-up of the most powerful heroes on Earth-Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.
When Batman's enemy Ra's al Ghul enlists the help of the botched Superman clone Bizarro and a rogue Amazon for his global terrorist organization, the Caped Crusader recruits reinforcements of his own: Superman and new ambassador from Themyscira, Wonder Woman.
As the three champions join forces to defend Earth against an oncoming apocalypse, a legendary alliance is born!

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Justice League - A League of One (2015) Justice League - A League of One (2015)
Justice League - A League of One (2015)
English | CBR | 226 pages | 305.06 MB
An ancient evil awakens, one so long forgotten by the modern world that even the Justice League of America is unprepared to meet it. When a prophecy foretells their deaths at the claws of the last dragon on Earth, Wonder Woman must tear apart the League she loves in order to save them. But will that be enough to thwart fate?
A shipwrecked alien on the JLA Watchtower lands the Justice League in the middle of a generations-long war between two civilizations. But the motives of both sides are shrouded in secrets, and when the League attempts to learn the truth, they instead uncover a danger that threatens to unmake reality itself!
Written and painted by master storyteller and artist CHRISTOPHER MOELLER, JLA: A LEAGUE OF ONE and JLA CLASSIFIED: COLD STEEL - collected together for the first time - reveal never-before-seen sides of the legendary Justice League of America, all presented in Moeller's extraordinary artwork.

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My Beijing. Four Stories of Everyday Wonder (2018) My Beijing. Four Stories of Everyday Wonder (2018)
My Beijing. Four Stories of Everyday Wonder (2018)
English | CBR | 131 pages | 100.76 MB
Yu'er and her grandpa live in a small neighborhood in Beijing - and it's full of big personalities. There's a story around every corner, and each day has a hint of magic.
In one tale, Yu'er wants to swim in the Special Olympics, a sports competition for people with disabilities. But she and her grandpa don't have a pool! Their trick to help Yu'er practice wows the whole neighborhood. In another story, a friend takes Yu'er to a wild place full of musical insects. Later, Yu'er hears a special story about her grandparents. And in the final story, Yu'er and her grandpa show a cranky painter the sweet side of life.

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Superman - Sacrifice (2006) Superman - Sacrifice (2006)
Superman - Sacrifice (2006)
English | CBR | 187 pages | 266.53 MB
From critically acclaimed writer Greg Rucka comes the controversial story that forever altered the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman, and sets up Geoff Johns' best-selling graphic novel epic, INFINITE CRISIS.
Max Lord has taken over Superman's mind and has him in total thrall. With his peers and loved ones threatened, Superman is helpless. But not Wonder Woman-who must battle past the Man of Steel and decisively end the threat. Her actions, and their repercussions, are explored here!
Collects SUPERMAN #218-220, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #642-643, ACTION COMICS #829 and WONDER WOMAN #219-220.

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DC Essential Graphic Novels (2016) DC Essential Graphic Novels (2016)
DC Essential Graphic Novels (2016)
English | CBR | 118 pages | 155.52 MB
This catalog has been specifically built to help guide new comics readers to the most accessible entry points in DC Universe, then moves them on to spotlights and reading order for some of the world's most recognizable characters.
DC Entertainment has long been the home of the genre's most seminal graphic novels, from such groundbreaking titles as WATCHMEN, BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE and THE SANDMAN to present-day masterworks BATMAN: EARTH ONE and INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US VOL. 1.
The DC Essential Graphic Novels catalog has revised its expansive look into our rich library for 2016, with updated reading lists featuring graphic novels starring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Justice League, as well as the best collections from Vertigo and MAD. In addition to these iconic stars, we've also rounded up which books will get you more of the superheroes you love from TV hits like The Flash, Arrow and Gotham.

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Dial H - The Deluxe Edition (2015) Dial H - The Deluxe Edition (2015)
Dial H - The Deluxe Edition (2015)
English | CBR | 399 pages | 660.61 MB
Dial 4-3-7-6 to call on...Boy Chimney! Iron Snail! Human Virus! Shamanticore! Captain Lachrymose!
Overweight, unemployed slacker Nelson Jent is not a hero. But with the twist of a dial, he can become one. A broken-down payphone down a forgotten alley holds the power to transform anyone with the right number into a host of different superheroes. And Nelson knows the number: 4-3-7-6. The number that spells HERO.
Award-winning novelist China Miéville (winner of the World Fantasy Award, the British Science Fiction Award, the Hugo Award and the Arthur C. Clarke Award) and artists Mateus Santolouco (AMERICAN VAMPIRE) and Alberto Ponticelli (UNKNOWN SOLDIER) breathe new life into a classic Silver Age series with this surrealist masterpiece. This special Deluxe Edition includes the complete series of DIAL H as well sketches from the artists and afterword by China Miéville. Collects DIAL H #0-15.

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JLA - Created Equal #1-2 (2000) Complete JLA - Created Equal #1-2 (2000) CompleteJLA - Created Equal #1-2 (2000) Complete
JLA - Created Equal #1-2 (2000) Complete
English | CBR | 2 Issues | 124.05 MB
In JLA: CREATED EQUAL #1, a deadly virus cuts through the world's male population, leaving only two men alive in a world of women: Superman, whose Kryptonian physiology has rendered him immune, and Lex Luthor, who has kept himself safe in an isolation suit. But this is no adolescent fantasy. As the female superheroes of the planet unite to keep things together and face the immense task of rebuilding the world, it isn't long before the biggest issue rises up: What about the future of humankind? The only hope may rest with Lois Lane, pregnant with Superman's child. Luthor announces that the baby will survive...but only if Superman leaves the Earth before his son is born! Luthor's science seems unassailable, but what of his motives? What sinister plans does he have for the son of his most hated foe? The answers are not fully revealed until CREATED EQUAL's shocking conclusion, when the Man of Steel returns to Earth after more than a decade of exile. Finding his son leading a revolt against the world's leaders on Wonder Woman's Paradise Island, which side will Superman take? That of his former allies or that of the son he's never known?

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JLA - Island of Dr. Moreau 001 (2002) JLA - Island of Dr. Moreau 001 (2002)
JLA - Island of Dr. Moreau 001 (2002)
English | CBR | 67 pages | 91.34 MB
A certain young Mr. Carr finds himself on an island where a deranged scientist has created a corps of superhuman creatures, utilizing amalgams of wild animals! Desperate to prove the validity of his research, the scientist, Dr. Moreau, brings his menagerie back to hunt down Jack the Ripper and bring him to justice!

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